TreatSafely was born in October 2010. That was the date of our first course on quality and safety held in La Jolla, CA. We've been long standing professional colleagues and close friends since the start of TreatSafely. Our shared goal is to make a difference in improving quality and safety in radiation medicine and, to have fun doing it. They say laughter is the best medicine. We also believe that it is the best way to do great work! We hope you enjoy our site. Please feel free to comment, suggest improvements, or collaborations We look forward to hearing from you!

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Background – The directors of TreatSafely believe there is a major gap in available educational opportunities for radiation medicine professionals in the area of patient safety, error management, and quality improvement.

Our Mission – TreatSafely is dedicated to the development of novel teaching and mentoring programs that improve quality and safety in radiation medicine.

Our Vision – TreatSafely aims to broaden the implementation of recognized management and process improvement strategies with the goal of minimizing errors and maximizing quality in radiation medicine.